S.M.A.R.T Bone Graft

Dr. Tredinick with Dr. Lee

Get a Beautiful Smile with the SMART Bone Grafting Technique

Traditional guided bone regeneration surgery often ends in recession and soft tissue defects.

There’s another way.

Dr. Marie-Claire Tredinick is certified in Dr. Ernesto Lee’s SMART bone grafting technique for esthetic, stable ridge augmentation before or after placing dental implants.

The results? Minimal pain, reduced swelling and fewer complications. The SMART bone graft technique is simple and efficient and doesn’t use flaps, membranes or screws.

Get Immediate Implant Placement with SMART Bone Grafts

Subperiosteal Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Ridge Augmentation Technique (SMART) is changing the future of bone grafting. This patented, minimally invasive bone grafting technique offers a simple, predictable approach.

It requires just a small incision, without meshes or screws, and we can perform this procedure in our office instead of a hospital. This results in better patient outcomes and is ideal for those who have lost bone and need or have dental implants.

The technique allows us to create bone in areas of bone deficiency more quickly.

The Procedure

For this technique, we use xenograft and allograft bone material. We don’t harvest bone from another surgical site. This speeds up recovery.

The technique is minimally invasive, using special instruments to graft bone. This reduces procedure time compared to more invasive approaches.


Patients usually recover in just a few days from this noninvasive surgical procedure. We will prescribe over-the-counter medications, and patients can apply cold therapy for the first 24 hours.

Heal Faster with a SMART Bone Graft

Talk to us about whether this minimally invasive, faster healing procedure is right for you before placing dental implants or if you already have dental implants but have experienced bone loss. We accept major insurances, offer payment plans and provide senior discounts. Schedule an evaluation today.

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