Digital X-Rays

digital x ray

Take Digital X-Rays for Periodontal Procedures in the Tanglewood Area of Houston

We use digital X rays to restore your smile, diagnose symptoms in a faster and better manner, develop a  personal treatment plan with the aim to stamp out any pain, and boost your long-term health.

Digital X-Rays- What are they?

Similar to the traditional X-rays that use film, the digital X-ray’s process consists of your dentist inserting a sensor into your mouth to capture an image of your teeth. Digital X-rays are more practical than the regular X-rays as the information is directly input into the computer system in order to skip the intermediate step of using a cassette.

Digital X-Rays- How do we use them?

Dr. Tredinick uses your digital X-rays to rapidly and accurately diagnose your oral health issues. From this, the doctor develops a comprehensive treatment plan customized to you.

Since digital X-rays can be stored indefinitely, we can compare current images to previous images, allowing us to detect any minor changes in jaw or tooth structure from the get-go.

Benefits of using Digital X-Rays

Minor Radiation

If you are concerned about radiation exposure, digital X-rays expose patients to 90 percent less radiation than the traditional film X-rays,which is a minimal amount in itself, making them a perfect option for you and your loved ones.

No Wait

Once the radiograph is taken, the image is immediately projected onto the computer for your dentist to see. Since the images are produced instantly, it makes for shorter appointments and more time to discuss your health.

Clear Images

Digital radiography allows for clearer and sharper images in a much higher resolution than film radiography, allowing doctors to magnify images on the computer and spotting details that could otherwise be looked over. 

Easier Transfer of Records

With compatible computer technology, transferring digital dental records has never been easier. Doctors can instantly receive and view digital radiographs, and getting a second opinion can be done fast and reliably.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike film, chemicals and darkrooms are not required for digital images, making digital radiography a more sustainable alternative.

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