Removable Prosthesis | Dentures

Missing Teeth? We Can Help

It is important to discuss your options for missing teeth with an experienced Prosthodontist like Dr. Tredinick. Dentures, also known as removable prosthetics, are a viable option that don’t involve an invasive procedure and can be removed at will.  

What types of dentures are available?

There are three types of removable prosthetics:

Full Removable Dentures– with the use of implants, they allow for a stable bite without the fear of them falling out. You will be able to eat peacefully as it eliminates the need for adhesives which in turn eliminates slurring of speech and having food irritate your gums as much.

Immediate Complete Denture- needed when the dentition has been so heavily affected by disease or trauma to the point where it is not feasible to maintain the teeth without it being overly expensive. The day that the original diseased teeth are removed is the day the pre-made dentures are inserted. Over time these dentures are adjusted to provide a more stable fit.

Removable Partial Dentures- prescribed to patients who have lost one or more teeth They usually rest on a metal framework covered by a plastic pink base to blend with the color of your gum tissue. Nowadays, the ability to design full and partial dentures is more sophisticated than ever, making them a favorable option if you are missing teeth or need an alternative to dental implants.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Your doctor will help you select the right approach for you as each type of dentures include their own sets of benefits and challenges.

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