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Houston Sedation Dentistry

At Tredi Dental, we acknowledge that anxiety and stress may arise at the thought of receiving implant or periodontal treatment. In response to that, we provide several options to ease your discomfort. You have the choice to undergo your procedure under conscious sedation, or while taking medicine orally or intravenously.

Why is Sedation Used in Periodontics?

All of our wonderful doctors at Tredi Dental believe that your comfort and a hassle-free environment are of the utmost importance during the entire process of check-ups and treatments.

Sedation gives you, as a patient, the opportunity to undergo your dental treatment as relaxed as possible. 

Sedation is best for patients who:

  • have fears and anxiety about dental treatment of any kind
  • have put off dental care for years because of dental anxiety
  • want to have all of their care completed in one day
  • want to be treated in a comforting, safe environment

Dr. Tredinick is certified by Texas to deliver dental treatment with conscious sedation. If you have questions about conscious sedation dentistry or whether it is right for you, message us or call us at 713-977-7854.

Conscious Sedation Methods Offered at Tredi Dental

Oral Sedation Dentistry

With oral sedation you ingest a pill about an hour before your procedure. This sedative’s effects are gradual, and puts you in a drowsy, light state where you are relaxed and can still hear and respond to questions and instructions that your doctor gives you throughout the procedure. This sedative is calming as it allows you to pass on needles and forget your procedure after it is over. 

You cannot drive for 24 hours after oral sedation dentistry. You will need a trusted family member or friends to drive you to and from our office.

IV Sedation Dentistry

If you need a stronger form of conscious sedation, IV sedation is available for you. It has a much quicker effect than oral sedation as it is administered directly into the bloodstream. 

IV sedation dentistry is catered to patients who need extended periondontal procedure or experience intense dental fear and anxiety. This kind of sedation allows the doctor to be able to adjust your level of sedation as needed during the procedure to ensure your comfort.

Similar to oral sedation, you will still be able to respond to the doctor and be conscious of the procedure, but you will be in a deeper state of relaxation causing the procedure to be pain free and letting you forget it after it has concluded.

Your Comfort and Care during Oral or IV Sedation

From the moment you arrive to the end of your recovery period, Tredi Dental is determined to make your experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

The doctor will discuss which sedation treatment is a better fit for you prior to the procedure. Tredinick and her team are extremely experienced with both IV and oral sedation  and are highly capable of administering either preferred treatment. During your treatment, you will receive continuous support to ensure the medication is functioning as it should and that you are always at ease.

Schedule Your Evaluation

If you would like to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Tredinick, contact us or call us at 713-977-7854 today.

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