Ultrasonic Technology for Periodontal Procedures in Houston Tanglewood

Gum disease occurs more commonly than we think, progressing in stages from gingivitis to periodontitis. If your gums are severely damaged by bacteria, Dr. Tredinick can use piezosurgery, an advanced ultrasonic technique, to repair the bone structure or to conduct other gum disease treatments without the harshness of a traditional motorized drill.

What Is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery uses ultrasonic vibrations at low frequencies to aid in the cutting of bone structure, tooth extraction and other surgical procedures.

With the piezosurgery equipment, the ultrasonic vibrations cause the tip of the piezosurgery device to vibrate at a frequency that can cut through dense bone. This allows the doctor to cut jaw bone without damaging the soft tissue surrounding it and to perform precise actions in small areas such as the surface or base of the tooth.

Piezosurgery Technique - How is it used?

When thinking of jaw surgery, most people admit that it evokes both feelings of fear and anxiety. This may cause people to avoid necessary treatments critical to assessing before they become more complex issues. 

Tredi Dental therefore makes it a goal to use the most advanced technology to limit all negative feelings you may have towards your procedure to ensure a safe environment with the best of the best for you!

Dr. Tredinick uses piezosurgery to gently cut bone using ultrasonic micro-vibrations instead of the traditional bone-cutting methods to accurately remove dense bone or tissue, while keeping the soft tissue safe and keeping a minimal risk of complications or injury to your mouth.

Piezosurgery allows for the adjustment of the ultrasonic frequency, meaning that our team can accommodate this technique to a plethora of dental procedures.

We may use piezosurgery for:

  • root canals
  • tooth extraction
  • orthodontic procedures
  • removal of tartar (calculus) deposits and stains from teeth
  • scaling
  • root planing
  • crown lengthening
  • bone grafting

The Benefits of Piezosurgery

The progressive piezosurgery equipment helps us properly prepare dental implant sites and easily remove for grafting procedures while minizming the soft gum tissue trauma that occurs with more traditional drilling tools.

Piezosurgery allows for a less invasive incision as much less hand pressure is required from the periodontist, this also enables a safer cute, leading to less damage and a faster recovery!

This procedure is a cleaner procedure that allows the doctors to have a much better view of the working area. This increases accuracy, minimizesdamage, and aids in healing.

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