Cone Beam CT Scans for Personalized Treatment Plans

In order to get an accurate view of your mouth’s intricacies, we use the precise 3-dimensional cone beam CT scanners to produce a 360° view of your mouth. This eliminates the need for invasive surgeries in order for doctor’s to come up with the correct treatment and diagnosis.

The cone beam CT scan allows us to view both soft tissue and teeth, meaning that detailed images of the bone are captured. This provides your doctors with an accurate and detail image to aid with diagnosing diseases of the jaw, nasal cavity and sinuses, as well as bony face structures.

What Is a Cone Beam CT Scan?

A cone beam CT scan is a faster and smaller version of the typical CT scanner. The cone shaped X ray beam grants you a lower radiation dosage as well as shorter procedure time.

This high-tech machine utilizes computer processed X-ray data and X-rays to fabricate 3D cross-sectional images of the teeth, jaw, and sinuses.

How it works:

The machine will rotate around your head while capturing images to send to the computer for processing. The process is painless and collects much more detailed information than the regular X-ray. You may need to do several scans to produce the full 3D image. 

Cone beam CT scans deliver a significantly low dose of radiation, so remember to inform your doctor if you are pregnant.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

At Coastal Periodontics, we’ll use the cone beam CT scanner to build a comprehensive model of your teeth and jaws before suggesting any particular periodontal procedure.

With this advanced technology, we can ensure your safety and comfort before proceeding with nonsurgical or surgical periodontal treatment.

Organizing Your Treatment Plan

At Tredi Dental, we use the cone beam CT scanner to create a comprehensive model of your jaws and teeth before giving a particular diagnosis or suggesting any particular periodontal treatment.

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