Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery in Houston

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Restore Your Smile

Do you have an uneven gum line or what you would consider a “gummy smile”?  To brighten your smile, we can deter gum line recession after tooth loss with cosmetic periodontal surgery,

Improve your Smile with Esthetic Crown Lengthening

When the crowns of your teeth are covered by too much gum tissue, your teeth look smaller and your gum takes up the majority of your smile. You are also at risk of cavities forming under your gum-line, which are difficult to treat without further exposing the crown.

Correct Long Teeth and Exposed Roots

Gum recession can reveal the roots of teeth, causing them to look longer, and you to appear older than you actually are. You may also feel sharp pains in your roots and gums when your tooth roots are exposed because they are extremely sensitive to cold, heat, and sugar.

Gum recession happens due to an array of reasons including genetics, aggressive brushing and periodontal diseases. In any case, exposed roots leave you vulnerable to developing cavities on your tooth roots, something you want to avoid.

Root coverage procedures, such as soft tissue grafts, cover exposed roots and reduce further gum recession, protecting vulnerable roots from decay.

Dr. Tredinick is skilled in using advanced technology and minimally invasive procedures to make gum recession treatments as pain-free and quick-healing as possible. She is also trained to perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique, a breakthrough procedure specialized in restoring proper gum coverage without the need for soft tissue grafts.

Bone Grafting After Tooth Loss- Restore your Health

After tooth loss, the jawbone tends to recede, causing a dent in the gums and jawbone where the tooth previously was. This can be an unattractive feature as it causes your replacement tooth to appear long alongside the rest of your teeth.

However, a ridge augmentation procedure can recapture the natural contour of the gums and jaw, creating a new, natural-looking tooth that is beautiful and easy to clean.

Bone Loss Causes

Jaw infection – Bacterial or viral infections other than gum disease can penetrate the bone tissue around your teeth, causing bone loss.

Gum disease – Plaque and calculus destroy the ligament and bone tissue around the teeth. As gum disease progresses, bone loss worsens, eventually causing tooth loss.

Missing teeth – Chewing stimulates your jawbone, helping it maintain its proper density. When teeth are missing, stimulation decreases, which gradually dissolves the bone.

Misaligned teeth – A misaligned tooth doesn’t make contact with the opposing arch when you chew. The lack of connection means there isn’t sufficient pressure when eating, causing the jawbone to weaken and dissolve.

Tooth injury – Mouth trauma or tooth injury can cause the tooth to develop an infection, which can spread and cause bone loss.

To reduce shrinkage and allow for a more esthetic tooth replacement for a dental implant or fixed bridge around the replacement teeth, we conduct bone grafting. After tooth loss or damage , bone grafting preserves the socket and ridge and minimizes gum and bone collapse.

Bone graft material is obtained from bone in other parts of the body, from a human tissue bank or from other biocompatible material that stimulates bone regeneration.

Recover Your Smile and
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To find out whether esthetic crown lengthening or cosmetic periodontal surgery is right for you, talk to us online or at 713-977-7854 to schedule an evaluation today.

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