Are Oral Health and Heart Health Associated?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness is essential. Doctors increasingly understand the connections between different systems in our bodies, which leads to the need to care for our bodies differently. New links lead to new thinking so that we can see the interconnectivity of it all, leading to the conclusion that we need to take care of one system to care for another. And this is especially true when it comes to oral health and heart health.

Can Oral Health Affect Overall Health?

Yes, oral health can affect overall health. You should be acutely aware of your mouth’s condition to have a healthy life free from preventable problems. We know that poor oral health will lead to infections, systemic issues, and stress that so many don’t need. We know that periodontal disease is the primary factor affecting the other parts of our bodies and overall health. Periodontal disease can lead to several issues, including:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Stroke
  3. Premature birth
  4. Chronic infections
  5. Lung disease

And these are just the things that are affected besides our cardiovascular systems.

Oral Health and the Heart

There is a distinct connection between a person’s oral health and their heart health. The belief is that the bacteria left in the mouth due to poor oral hygiene can get into the bloodstream, travel through the body and get to the heart, which will cause inflammation and can lead to disease. Complications can include:

  1. Blood vessel damage
  2. Inflammation of vessels and valves
  3. Heart attack
  4. Blood clots
  5. Stroke

There is a definitive connection between your oral health and the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. And, if you have a family history of heart disease, especially any type of valve-related disorder, this can be an even more significant problem.

What About Heart Disease?

Heart disease can stem from numerous issues biologically and environmentally. There have been links established between tooth decay and coronary artery disease. There is a strong correlation between oral health and the development of cardiovascular disease when you have no other contributing factors. So the bottom line is that when you take care of your teeth, you care for your heart. And this is not only true for heart disease.

Oral Health Affects More Than the Heart

The development or aggravation of other conditions that concern different areas of the body can also link to poor oral hygiene. Poor maintenance habits will likely lead to periodontal disease, which significantly increases the likelihood of complications with diabetes, respiratory conditions, and more. There is even a risk that inflammation in the mouth caused by bacteria can link to pancreatic cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. All this makes you want to brush your teeth, right?

How Can Other Outside Factors Influence This Connection?

On top of the connection between oral health and your heart, other outside factors can affect these areas of the body. These are exacerbating factors, and you should be aware that they will affect both systems, increasing the risk for poor oral and heart health. However, associations or links do not always mean causation with any of the information shared here. However, many widely agree that oral health is vital for overall health and wellness.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Suppose you have high cholesterol or atherosclerosis (a narrowing of the blood vessels). In that case, you should be aware that there have been circumstances that have shown the presence of oral bacteria in the fatty deposits associated with these conditions. If these deposits were to break off and travel to the heart, you could have serious complications that could even increase your odds of death. Other pre-existing conditions like diabetes or respiratory ailments can further complicate these situations.

Smoking Affects Oral and Heart Health

Smoking is something that consistently affects overall health. Smoking will lead to tooth loss and gum disease, and it will also cause cardiovascular disease. Smoking will affect oral and heart health individually, so one can imagine how it will affect the heart when poor oral hygiene is involved. Tooth loss is especially concerning as cosmetic dentists can usually only correct it. Doctors will always recommend smoking cessation for improved health, but if you are going to smoke, regularly brushing and flossing will help prevent issues as much as possible.

How Can You Treat Poor Oral Hygiene?

Poor oral hygiene usually causes many issues with teeth and gums. The repair solutions are uncomfortable and involve things like deep cleanings or even a trip to an office with cosmetic dentists for a more in-depth or permanent solution, like dental implants. They will, of course, restore your pretty smile. Still, procedures can be invasive and cause anxiety, so the best solution is and will always be to prevent it before it happens.

Prevention and Awareness

Proper oral hygiene starts with brushing and flossing at home, and twice daily is recommended. And flossing is essential as well to remove the stuff you can’t see between the teeth.

This simple routine will save time instead of having to consult services for cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX, or wherever you are. It is also essential to ensure you see your dentist in Houston, TX (or, again, wherever you are) for regular checkups and cleanings. Once a year is the recommended interval for this service. This way, the professional can prevent the problem from starting or ensure it doesn’t get any worse. For your teeth, prevention is the best medicine.

Other Times the Opinion of a Dental Professional Is Needed

Suppose you suspect that anything is wrong with your teeth or gums. In that case, seeing a professional as soon as possible is essential. A Tanglewood dentist like what we provide at Tredi Dental Group is an excellent choice if you live in or around Tanglewood. The things you should be concerned about seeing include symptoms like:

  1. Red or purplish gums
  2. Bleeding gums
  3. Tenderness
  4. Painful chewing
  5. Gums pulling away from teeth
  6. Chronic bad breath
  7. Loose teeth

All of these are potential symptoms of a disease that could completely change your health. Whether you go to cosmetic dentistry in Tanglewood, TX, or a Galleria dentist, see a professional to check your mouth and ensure that there isn’t anything going on that will cause the development of a more serious health condition.

Dental Hygiene Affects Circulatory Health

An aspect of oral health that most need to consider is how much what’s going on in the mouth plays a part across the body. When teeth aren’t taken care of, it can harm blood pressure. Avoiding proper brushing can mess with prescribed hypertension medication. If this hits a little close to home, feel free to ask about your circumstances on your next cosmetic dentistry visit.

Avoid Complications with Your Oral and Heart Health

So with the link between your oral health and your heart health made, there are now even more reasons to make sure that your teeth and gums stay in the best possible condition that you can manage. It’s that or risks more severe complications.

If you need a dentist in Houston, TX or a dentist in Tanglewood, TX, contact us at Tredi Dental Group today. We will be happy to help you figure out the problems and help you restore oral health.

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